Our Brands


Hiking, Outdoor sports and running

World-leading brands in hiking boots and running shoes. We also provide equipment such as backpacks and adventure travel equipment.

Our products can be found at a number of specialist retail stores.


Sports Nutrition

We distribute a good selection of brands in the sports nutrition industry. Our focus lies on the quality of base materials as well as a good range of solutions.

Our products can be found at specialist sports stores and gyms.


Rock Climbing & Rope Access

We work with world-leading brands in the rock-climbing, mountaineering and PPE sectors. As a result, we can provide solutions both for the avid rock climber and also for industry.

Our products can be found at specialist retails stores.


Injury prevention & Sports rehabilitation

We also specialise in a number of brands which are at the forefront of the injury prevention and rehabilitation industry.
We are able to provide solutions for insoles (both off the shelf and custom) as well as sports supports.

Our products are available at specialist retail stores and medical professionals.


Hiking, Outdoor Sports & Running

 Sports Nutrition

 Rock Climbing & Rope Access


Injury Prevention & Sports Rehab